haircuts, color, & style

Women’s Haircut: $55-$70

Deva Curl Haircut: $115

Men’s Haircut: $35-$55

Kid's Haircut: $30-$35

Wash, Blow Dry & Style:


Color: $65-$90

Partial Foils: $85-$130

Full Foils: $110-$165

Balayage: $140+

Brazilian Blowout: $200+ (Only offered by select stylists. Must book a consult first.)

*We are unique in that each of our stylists are independent contractors and decide their own pricing. Hair pricing is an estimate and based on a consultation. If you would like pricing for a specific stylist please give us a call and our front desk can give you an estimate. For exact pricing please request to book a consultation with a stylist: (303) 444-1803.